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Innovative Technology Collaborative Platform Excellent Performance Perfect User Experience  AbonMax touch display is not a large digital whiteboard in E-learning class room with capability of document annotation but also a tool suitable for business-class touch display system. Sharing your ideas with people by using your fingers is just easy, natural from now on. It is not only environment-friendly but also cost effectively. The device has, in many instances, replaced the dusty blackboard which always left hands, clothes and floors coated in a thin layer of chalk residue. AbonMax touch display is an innovative product which can refresh your life.
-Innovative Technology-
Abontouch’s 65” projected capacitive touch panel is ready for mass production and is the leading product in touch sensor industry. As for touch monitor application, Abontouch co-worked with AbonMax to develop world leading 65” touch monitor for digital white board and conferencing application.
-Collaborative Platform- AbonMax touch display provided extraordinary interactive user experience for conferencing system. Annotating document on screen by using touch technology is just easy and straight forward. Different groups can discuss over audio system and share thoughts on LCD display screen simultaneously. AbonMax touch display can work with MS Windows 10 seamlessly. The built-in Windows Ink is the new name for MS's pen support. The touch display supports into the app and turn itself into a digital white board in a second. AbonMax create a real-time, excellent, environmental-friendly communication platform in an exciting way.
-Excellent Performance-
AMF651 serial touch solution has included optional INTEL NUC (built in 6th Intel® Core™ processor which can support 4K video replay. The device is operated under Windows®10 OS which support multi-touch feature. You can extensively improve working efficiency when working on either education or business environments. AbonMax touch monitor with Intel NUC is the best choice you have made.
-Perfect User Experience-  AbonMax touch display works based on USB-based architecture. It works perfectly with apps running under Windows 10. It doesn't need customized hardware interface nor specific customized SW app. All you need to do is starting to have your finger dancing on the screen.

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