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The 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition

The theme of the meeting


show, exchanges, cooperation

and development


The main content


1. Show all types of schools at all levels of education equipment


2. For network synchronization display and information dissemination


3. educational equipment of new products, new technologies, and new results briefing


4. For all kinds of forums, as well as the 74th session of the Education Equipment demonstrations


Displays the range of


teaching equipment

teaching equipment, laboratory and classroom equipment, reagents supplies, vocational education training equipment, geographical and ecological park, etc.


The Digital Campus Building Digital Campus Building

Electric equipment, classroom education educational resources, create customer education, robotics, VR technology, campus network construction, the Information Center building, the digital campus application service platform construction, electronic schoolbags, campus security networking monitoring systems, data mining and analysis system, etc.


Pre-school education equipment

In Smart Toys, outdoor facilities, an indoor play teaching aids, entertainment and teaching aids, coffee and playing and teaching aids, etc.


The sound, body, and books

Teaching music, art, books and sports facilities.


Logistics facilities and equipment

The Office, school buses, school uniforms, and campus lighting facilities, security and fire fighting equipment, kitchen equipment, utensils, student supplies, environmental protection, and water-saving devices, etc.


Participating units:

All levels of education, management, education, equipment management, electricity, education, school support services departments; the government procurement sector stakeholders; schools of all types and all levels of education stakeholders; information technology equipment and teaching equipment production enterprises, schools, logistics services and equipment manufacturing enterprises, school-run enterprises, book publishing and distribution units, and so on.


Show time, location

Show time: 2018, 11 May - 13 June

Location: West China International Expo city (Sichuan Chengdu Tianfu District Fuzhou Road, 88).

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