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AbonTouch System Inc, established in 2005.  We mainly focus on manufacturing and sales of mid to large size (7”~86”) of “Projective Capacitive Sensor”, (7”~21.5”) of “Five-Wire Resistive Zero-Bezel Touch Panel and (5”~21.5”) of “Five- Wire Resistive Touch Panel”. In order to provide customers most reliable and best performance products, AbonTouch has adopted Photo-Mask manufacturing processes in projective capacitive touch sensor and high temperature glass process in resistive touch panel, which insure higher stability, longer durability, and better weather resistance.

As the “multi touch solution” has being triggered by the release of iPhone and iPad.  Our research team has dedicated total efforts on developing different P-CAP touch screen applications to fulfill requirements from our customers such as Industrial and Personal PC”, POS, Kiosk, ATM, Medical, Gaming System, Vending Machine, Aircraft Industry Application and All-In-One, Commercial application etc.

In addition, Abontouch not only provides many general market sizes for five wire touch panel, resistive zero-bezel touch panel and P-CAP models but also customize these types for specific inquiries from customers.

We adhere to the principle of delivering our premium quality products and the best service to our customers. Our research and development of advanced innovation technology will continue to lead the global layout in touch panel business.




Basic Profile


President/CEO: Victor Chou

Vice President: T.K Chang

Capital: USD $ 7 Million

Company and factory: Yilan Lung Te Industrial Park

Company address :

No.9, Dexing 4th Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County  269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Land area : 20,000 m2


 ★ Projective Capacitive Touch Panel

 ★ 5-Wire Resistive Zero-Bezel Touch Panel

 ★ 5-Wire Resistive Touch Panel

 ★ 5 Wire Resistive Touch Controller

Certificate : ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO13485

                   ROHS Compliant / CE / FC / UL

*     Authorized By AbonMax to sale 65” Pcap Touch Monitor





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