Abontouch was established in November 2005, mainly engaged in manufacturing and sales of touch panel. Optimizing the production process of high temperature technology touch panel, compare to low-temperature process in functionality deficiency and lack of reliability of weather resistance. High-temperature process technology makes its long product life, high stability, and product advantage of good weather resistance. It has been highly appreciated in many market users at all kind of applications. As our research and development of advanced innovation technology continued in progress which leads a global layout in future.



Basic Profile


Date of establishment: November, 2005

President/CEO: Ko Min Yu

Vice President: T.K Chang

Capital: USD 5.6 Million

Total Investment: USD 18 Million

Company and factory: Yilan Lung Te Industrial Park

Land area: 12,800m2

Factory: 20,000 m2


5-Wire Resistive Touch Panel 、5-Wire Resistive Zero-Bezel Touch Panel 、Projective Capacitive Touch Panel 、5RW/5RW Zero-Bezel Touch Panel Controller Specification

Certificate by: ISO9001, ISO140001, RoHS compliant, CE, FC

Production Capacities: 50,000pcs mother glass.


       ◆ 5-Wire Resistive Touch Panel

       ◆ 5-Wire Resistive Zero-Bezel Touch Panel

       ◆ Projective Capacitive Touch Panel

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