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Quality Assurance and Environment Protection

Abon Touchsystems Inc. is committed to Green Earth Policy as well as excellence. We believe pursuing excellence is the cornerstone of sustainable business. Accordingly, optimizations are conducted in material chosen, production process/control, management activities, sales and services. Our decent business culture is rooted in this value. Zero defects have been all employees' commitment to quality. Abon Touchsystems Inc. is ready to share its product advantages with customers and transfer strengths into customer's


Quality Rewards

QA and EP

Core values

1.High yield rate

2.Unique high temperature process equipments

3.Effective, efficient, and well designed factory

4.Capability of rapid expansion

5.Short delivery lead time

6.Best customer services

7.Reliable and responsive RMA policy

Environment Protection

1. Comprehensive safety and environment management systems capable of risk avoidance and

     pollution prevention.

2. Effective management in process/control. Aggressively promote reuse, repair and recycle.

3. Realizing knowledge is power, we educate and train our employees how to treasure and protect

     The Earth.

4. Continual improvement through measurable factors to ensure effective practice.

5. Upgrade business image by cooperate integrity and sharing social responsibility.

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